i feel better now. yesterday was really bad. i was so tired i got sick, and i'm wondering if it might have been an anxiety attack. but today was better. i was still tired, of course, but less, and i at least woke up with some energy. i'm afraid people might be able to see that something's wrong with me, though. one of my teachers asked me several times if something was wrong, and she didn't seem to believe me when i told her everything was fine. but that's okay, i guess. i want to try to discover myself more from now on. i want to find out if i have some kind of anxiety, where the tiredness comes from, etcetera.
also, one of these days i'll be single for a year. i love the idea of me having 'managed' that. it's good for me to be on my own for a while. maybe i shouldn't love someone before i love myself. but, maybe, i should love someone, in order to learn how to love myself. but let's try it the independent way. i'm planning on finding myself, instead of finding someone else.

quote of the day: "there will be people who don't like you, but how many of those have tried to get to know you?"
(this is a translation of dutch song lyrics that just popped up in my mind)