We just had a fight.
She said she was crying.
I'm not interested in the fact that we had a fight. I'm not interested in the sentences, in the words, that she kept saying. The only word, that keeps lingering in my mind, is 'crying'.
I wonder how it feels. I can only remember how the tears rolled down, the salty taste when they got stuck in the corners of my mouth, making their way down my face.
I don't know when the last time was that I cried. Or why. All I know is, that I don't anymore.
You might ask yourself why I would like to cry. What is so fun about crying? Most of the time you're in pain.
I would do anything to cry again. I would do anything to feel something. To have a feeling worth crying over.
I have felt empty for so long that I feel like I'm losing it. I'm done with feeling empty. Nothing. Hollow. Feeling like someone took a spoon and ate me completely, but left the package behind.
The content is gone. My content is gone.
You don't know what I would do to feel again. To cry. To cry because of happiness, because of sadness.
I, would like, to cry.