Hi everyone, today I'm gonna do the last part of the music challenge:) So let' get started!

Day 21: A song you like with a person’s name in the title
Guns N' Roses -My Michelle
Escape the Fate -Ashley
Michael Jackson -Billie Jean
Avril Lavigne -Alice
Alvaro Soler -Sofia
Green Day -Amy
Blak Veil Brides -Carolyn
Led Zeppelin -Darlene
Ozzy Osbourne -Dee
Ramones -Judy is a punk
Elton John -Nikita
Nirvana -Polly
AC/DC -Whole Lotta Rosie

Day 22: A song you like that’s a cover by another artist
Guns N' Roses -Knockin' on Heavens Door (originally by Baby Dylan)
Guns N' Roses -Sympathy for the Devil (org. by The Rolling Stones)
Black Veil Brides -Rebel Yell (originally by Billy Idol)

Day 23: A song you think everybody should listen to
Guns N' Roses -Paradise City
Guns N' Roses -Sweet Child O' Mine
Guns N' Roses -Civil War
Black Veil Brides -Lost It All
Black Veil Brides -Unbroken
Green Day -Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Green Day -21 Guns

Day 24: A song by a band you wish were still together
Basically all the GN'R, Pink Floyd and Nirvana songs. It would be too long to list it:D

Day 25: A collar song you like

Day 26: A song that makes you wanna be in love
Guns N' Roses -November Rain

Day 27: A song that breaks your heart
Guns N' Roses -November Rain
GN'R -Don't Cry
BVB -Savior

Day 28: A song by an artist whose voice you like
Oh god... This is hard, all I listed in this and the previous article.

Day 29: A song that makes you drop down law
Guns N' Roses -Outta Get Me
GN'R -Mr Brownstone
Bring Me The Horizon -Run
Iron Maiden -Trooper

Day 30: A song that reminds you of something sad
Guns N' Roses -Don't cry; actually it makes me thing about crying which is sad...
Red Hot Chili Peppers -Californication; I love this song so much but sometimes it makes me think of how I wanna go to California but I just can't yet:(
Adam Lambert -Outlaws of Love; I can't describe it well, it just makes me sad

So, this was my music list I hope you guys enjoyed as much as me. I think it was fun to do, even when I had to search the song title I did't remember, haha nevermidn.
See ya later!