It's October, and that also means time for Fall/Autumn! 🍁
Bloggers are already posting cute, colorful pictures about the season and of course, de PSL is back!
But today we're not gonna talk about coffee. Today, I am going to show you some cute and cozy outfit ideas for Fall.🍂🍁


fashion, outfit, and skirt image
This outfit is all about skirts and dresses! Pick a simple top or blouse and wear it with a cute skater skirt or front-button skirt. It will also look great with an overall dress!

2.Sweater Weather🌧

yellow, sweater, and aesthetic image
A cozy sweater makes an perfect outfit for fall! Wear it with a pair of jeans and some cute boots. Maybe you can also make a messy bun, to make your outfit complete!


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I love this retro style! A pair of mom jeans and a turtle-neck top or oversized sweater in retro colors and you're good to go!

-TYSM for reading this article! ❤
(It's my first one on WeHeartIt and first one in English -> I'm from Belgium and speak Dutch so if you find some mistakes, let me know)

Xx Madeloe ⭐️