Did you know you can learn how to be happy, how to feel happiness? I don't know how you learn it, because everyone learns it differently but...
I'm not making sense, am I?
Well, it's not really something that can be explained... only felt.
I just felt like writing this, I'm happy!
You can learn how to be happy and feel happiness with little moments, that's all I can say. And once you learn how to do so you'll know it. You know when you feel happiness inside you, such a strong feeling that you can both feel it in the inside and outsider, when you just can't help but smile.
So... be happy! Smile, appreciate every moment, be grateful and happy with life!
So, that's it for this article, I guess... I can't deny it's a kind of strange one but as I mentioned before, I just felt like writing this and I'm feeling happy so why not?

Thank you for reading!

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)