I have no friends except for one teacher. He is one rad dad bro. He was literally the only person I confided in though seeing as I don't enjoy talking to many others. The jerks who go to school with me though gave decided that it wasn't okay. They spread the rumor that I am sleeping with him, which I am not. I now have no one and it's awful. I just feel like things are getting worse and worse. I also always try to be positive. I am attempting to work on myself and everything, ya know? Well, that is harder than anything when everyone is mean to you. The thing is though even when I am positive people say it's too much or that I'm too hyper. I'm sorry if I try to make the world a better place, unlike some people. I just want people to smile and I feel like the harder I try the worse it gets. That's okay though! You wanna know why!? Because that means I can show them what real positivity is! I can show them that their words don't hurt and that everyone has bad days! We just gotta stand back up and say go get'em, sweetheart! We have to always try! When we stop trying is when we fail and not until that point! I would like to tell you all to follow my advice. So go out there and smile with a pocket full of sunshine and confetti in your purse!