I often here people complain and moan about studying poetry in my English lessons. But I disagree with the notion that poetry is boring.

Poetry, in my opinion, is one of the purest forms of expression. People across the world have always built words into metaphor, similes are a second language to humans. And I don't see that as boring. It's the opposite. The human experience is so rarely summed up as ably as in Percy Shelley or Emily Dickinson or Lord Byron poems. These people are studied in school because of the elegance of their writing. From my point of view this is the most exciting thing. The ways in which people express themselves is the most fascinating thing to me.

Studying this in my lessons is not a waste of my time. It is an important thing to learn. Analysing language is a thing we will continue to do throughout our lives and learning to express our complex thoughts out loud is arguably the most important skill that can be developed.

In conclusion, there is a reason even low skill jobs ask for a C in an English GCSE. And it isn't knowing you can quote Ozymandias.