I read a quote by Bianca Sparacino some time ago:

this is me accepting that endings don't have to be messy. This is me understanding how incredible it really is - that for a moment in time, in a world of billions, two strangers were in the right place, at the right time, and something transpiered between them. This is my heart swelling with the thought - that at one point in time, we were the lucky ones. At one point in time, we beat the odds.

This one is probably one of my favorite quotes. It's true, we were the lucky ones and we beat the odds. Even tho it may be only me of the two of us who feels this way. I am so entirely grateful that out of the billions of people walking on earth our ways crossed. You're a truly remarkable and extraordinary human. Whoever you gonna be with in the end I hope they know how lucky they are an also treat you the way you deserve.
For you I'm just one of the many girls you kissed in a club but for me, you were my first kiss, my first love affair. You probably forgot my name, moved on or got a girlfriend now.
While I will drive 7 hours across the entire country in a few days because there is this tiny tiny chance that I will see you there I wonder if it either would be a blessing or curse to meet you there. If the summer romance will turn into a Halloween blues.
Deep down in my heart I hope we'll beat the odds again.