Losing weight has become a trend nowadays. Everybody wants to look like victoria's secrets models. Want to have bikini curves, a gap between thighs and obvious flat stomach?

But my girls, that is not at all easy. You have worked out a lot. If you see beautiful body and wish have one follow below step and get a flawless body.

  • 'Early to bed early to rise. makes a man healthy and wise. You all must have heard this. Start your day with a morning workout. It is said those who work out early are intent to lose more weight and are less interested in food. Get an early morning sunshine as during that time it is healthier to sit in sun for 20 to 30 minutes for vitamin D.
  • 'Breatfast. Have breakfast full of high protein. As it helps to keep active during the whole day. Also, helps you feel less hungry during lunch as it digests slowly.
  • 'Walk. It would be better to walk, cycle or take public transport to reach your workplace.
  • 'Lunch time. Try to have your lunch between 12 noon to 1 pm. If you delay it further, your body starts reducing your good fats. Which is bad for health.
  • 'Skip evening coffee. Many people are intent to have evening coffee to make them awake during work hours, but those also affect your sleep and naturally unbalance your hormones which lead to weight gain.
  • 'Dinier time. Have a balanced diet of 50% fruits and vegetables. 25% whole grains and 25% proteins.
  • 'Mid-night snack. Many of us have a habit of having a midnight snack or sometimes you feel hungry. Don't just eat whatever you find in your fridge. Firstly have some water. Sometimes your body needs water and if you till feels hungry then you should have low-fat yoghurt or some fruits. Have some mint or green tea. A glass of low-fat milk will also help you reduce your hunger
  • 'Stop using phone and laptop on bed. Switch off all your electronic devices such as cell phone, laptop and T.V. Grab a book or have a nice bath before bed to relax your mind and soul.
  • 'Sleep between 10 pm to 11 pm. To have a 7-hour sleep you need to sleep early and make your body ready for the next day.

Stay healthy