Hey love, nice you're back, good as always to have you here.

My perfect lazy day? yeah I really like to put this down to words and out in the world.

So yes my perfect lazy day, is when I can just relax at home with a cup of tea and some good movies, maybe a friend or two, reading a bit (fuck now I'm sounding like a nerd hahaha), maybe bake something or taking a hot tub with a bath boom, listen to music.

I will sleep till like 10 am and eat some leftovers from yesterdays dinner, maybe go back to sleep again or just do a I said before.

A cup of tea in the morning I think maybe will be good, if you like tea in the morning and I will recommend you Earl Grey or Mango, that is what I like but totally up to you.

so this is my perfect lazy day, happy you would read it.

see ya in next post

love marie <3