1. Shampoo in the eyes.
Today while I was taking a bath I got shampoo in my eye. I tried to wash it but as I always do I got shampoo in my other eye too. I had to go to school with red eyes. I looked amazing.

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2. Hitting my toe
I don't know how I haven't broken my toe yet. I'm always hitting it in random objects.

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3. Not having 1 point for a higher mark
I hate this... I hate it. I won't mind a bit of luck from time to time.

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4. Not being heard when talking
I know that I'm shy and I have anxiety when speaking in front of a large group of people but why?? I hate when I say something and somebody repeats it louder and the teacher hears him not me. Or when I have to make a presentation and nobody is listening to me.

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5. Jumping to conclusions or being blind to obvious things
I don't understand human behavior. I never will. That's why I prefer animals. Or books. Or movies and series.

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