Well, I´m writing this article because I saw an article (haha) called "100 articles ideas" from @cozyconnie and I loved all the things you can write about so I´m going to do it, that said, let´s get started!

1. Traveling on my own.
2.Going to another country.
3. Going to concerts of my favorite artists. I had been at 3 Justin Bieber´s concert, and at each concert I have gotten closer to the stage haha, because by the time of the first one I didn't had much money, but eventually at the last one I got to be at the "Platino" section here in México, it was a dream come true, really.
4. Going to a concert on my own, for this one my parents almost killed me because I didn't tell them that I was going to go alone, so when they went to drop me at the Pepsi Center and they asked me with who was I going meet there they got angry and almost get a ticket to enter with me haha, they didn't though, it was a new experience because I had never been all alone in a really big crowd, but I made friends there so it was really fun. (It was THE 1975 concert).
5. Travel with friends, we went to Disneyland and it was too awesome, you get to know your friends more (if you get to be roomies even more haha).
6. Have a photoshoot with my friends.
7. Getting to love myself a little bit more, I´m not saying that I have loved myself completely at this point, but hey we´re all trying, I´m way ahead than I was before.

These are all I can think about right now, hope you liked it!