Hey guys ! I'm obsessed with horror/halloween movies all year and I love the cute spooky animations too , and since now is that wonderfull season,here are some movies to have fun this halloween , hope u enjoy. c:


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(2012) Victor Frankestein decides to resurrect his pet , Sparky . Edgar, his friend, discovers the experiment and ends up telling everyone so they decide to use the experiment to resurrect their pets.

Corpse Bride

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(2005) Victor Van Dort, rehearsing for his wedding, puts an wedding ring on a tree trunk that turns into a hand that pulls him into the ground. The hand is from Emily, who was murdered after running away with her love and now wants to marry Victor.


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(2009) While exploring her new home, the girl Coraline discovers a secret door that contains a world similar to hers, but better in many ways, until strange things begin to happen in this perfect world.
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ParaNorman (2012) Young Norman Babcock manages to talk to the dead and prefers to live with them rather then to live with the living. His uncle Prenderghast communicates with him to say that the curse of a centenarian witch will take place, and only Norman can stop it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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(1993) Jack Skellington, gets tired of making Halloween every year and leaves the city limits. By chance, he ends up crossing the Christmas portal, where he sees the joy of the Christmas spirit and without understanding what he saw, he begins to convince the citizens to kidnap Santa Claus and make his own Christmas,Halloween style.

Monster House

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(2006) No one believes it when three teens say there is a house in the neighborhood that is a dangerous creature. With Halloween approaching, they have to figure out a way to destroy the structure of the house before it hurts someone

Hotel Transilvania

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(2012) The Hotel Transylvania is a five-star resort that provides a haven for rest from the hard work of chasing and scaring humans.

Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin

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(1966) The day of the halloween approaches and Lino writes for the Great Pumpkin, being always ridiculed by the class. And on Halloween, while Lino will wait for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin planting, the other kids go out for the trick or treating.

Treehouse of horror

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(since 1990 ) The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror are the special halloween episodes of the simpsons, containing in each season, different histories.