So, this is my first article and I was dwelling whether I wanted to write it or not. As you can see, i decided to do it.
So here are some facts about me:

  • my name is Laura tho I like to be called Lu
  • I'm 16 and a half
  • I don't like pronouns or genders so I avoid them but people who know me usually use she/her
  • I have 2 rats as my pets
  • I'm weird af
  • English isn't my mother language.
  • I don't feel empathy
  • I never cry
  • I'm a loner
  • also an introvert
  • something I really enjoy is writing poetry
  • I wear glasses
  • my hair is black and blue
  • homophobia sucks
  • racism too
  • Universe is bae

But anyway, that is all about my short introduction but expect more articles to come in future.

Have a nice day x

Stay tuned for more.