I will start like that my article because I don't realy know how else I can start it.
A friend of mine has suicidal...is realy good friend... helped me alot of times and save me a million times before do something stupid...and now it's my turn to help and inside of this article to help alot of other people who has suicidal .I amn't gonna said to you to don't die, I amn't gonna said you the reason that you have to life...insead of that I will said you what make me still live

1.I love that feeling that you have when you get out of the bathroom and you are really clean and make a tea while watching your favour tv show

2. I also love when I am alone to the home and I have sooo loud the music and I am dancing all around

3. When you drive home after a exhausting day while you listen a relaxing music

4. When I am traveling ,meet new people and make a new friends

5. Every time that go out with my friends and we laughing,discoust about boys and girls

6. The feeling of love

7. The feeling of cold air each mornig

8. I love cristmas

9. But I also love summer

10. And the last but I thing the most important a smile a hug a bravo from my mam and my sister
And a lot of ohter things...This is the reason that I am still alive...What's your reasons to stay alive ??