Might be triggering!

She took her last breath,
Before meeting with the death.
Her hands were shaking,
Fear was waking.

She was holding her knife,
Thinking of life.
She was so strong,
But also so wrong.

She was going to die,
Carrying all her lies.
Trying to stop the tears,
She faced her fears.

This was a rule,
Find the cure.

Grow up,
Man up.
Get over it,
Snap out of it.

That's what they all said.

It was the end,
Final message will be send.
Blade digging deeper,
She got weaker.

Depression is not a joke. Anxiety is not a joke. Any mental illness isn't a joke. It isn't crying for attention, it is crying for help. We don't want to be an echo, we want to be a voice. Don't let yourself be fooled with a big smile that's sitting on my face.

I am sorry for all the people out there who suffer from mental illness. You are not alone and most of all, death isn't the solution, or even the option. Stay strong <3