She didn't understand. She wished with all her heart that she could because then maybe, just maybe she could get over the boy with the green eyes.
In 2 months it will be a year since they split, how could she still not be over him yet? They had met up and spoken. Thrown all those safely hidden away cards on the table. "You're only going to get yourself hurt all over again," was what her father kept telling her. "But what does Daddy know," she thought. She believed in love at first sight and all that dilly stuff they feed you in rom-coms. Those fairytale, happy-ending novels made her so drunk off the idea of love that she actually believed his intentions now all of a sudden, to put it plainly, were good, regardless of what he'd done to her before she left.
"I kept thinking about you," he said. "I couldn't stop."
"No. He couldn't have. He was the one who left, long before I did. Fell out of love. Can you even do that? Fall in and out of love?" For her hearts sake she hoped he could, or atleast just for her. Fall back in love that is. But you see, the mind is tricky. It will make you see and hear things that aren't really there.
Part 1