We all need to pamper ourselves regularly. I believe that it is very beneficial for us not only physically but also mentally. I pamper myself about 3 x a week, sometimes only 2. Do these how ever many times a week you'd like for a happy stress free life, and to get your natural glow back!

1. Drink water!
This maybe be an obvious one, but the body needs water. Our bodies make us feel terrible physically without drinking a lot of water, making us feel like we have headaches and for me personally, I just feel dry.
One way to really enjoy water is drinking it with ice cubes and sliced lemons and cucumbers. Not only does it taste amazing but your body with thank you by making your skin glowy and giving you energy!

2. Take Hot showers.
Im not talking about scalding hot, but taking a hot shower really helps your muscles feel soothed and relaxed.

3. Use body scrubs.
Not only are there many delicious scents for you to choose from but using a body scrub can help in giving you great glowy skin by removing dead skin cells.

4. Use face masks/face sheets.
I personally love using face masks, wether it be in lotion form or sheet form. Theres many to choose from and they help your skin by giving it the nutrients it needs and it makes you feel a sense of calm.

5. Eat fruits and veggies!
Okay I know sometimes this is hard to do because we can get busy and the easiest thing to grab is something fast and unhealthy but our body needs the right fuel to keep going and feel very good. Also, who doesnt love a nice acai bowl or salad once in a while?

6. Getting a manicure/pedicure.
I personally love getting both although sometimes I dont feel like going out to I do my nails myself a lot of times. Not only is doing your own nails giving you something to distract yourself with but it really makes you feel pampered when you do it yourself.

7. Laying down and covering your eyes with a warm towel.
Sometimes all you need to feel pampered is just laying down with a warm towel over your eyes and take a break from your fast paced life. You can go for as long as youd like, sometimes 15 min is enough. You can play your favorite music or for me, I play spa music and just relax.

8. Yoga.
Yoga is something I think everyone can really benefit from. I used to think it would be hard but think about it as just simple stretching your body. We as humans are not meant to just sit and be in one position all day. Our bodies need to move and stretch to feel good, and get more energy! Once you start doing it you'll see how easy it is and calming.

9. Indulge yourself! (a little)
I love indulging in a piece of fancy chocolate or ice cream once in a while. Whatever your favorite thing is, whatever you love to eat, everyone feels happy and satisfied indulging ourselves.

10. Use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair.
Our hair also needs pampering sometimes. Between straightening and curling or what ever it is you like to do, using a deep conditioning mask or treatment will really benefit you. It feels amazing to get your hair all nice and shiny and soft, and while you wait you can sit and read a book or just relax.