I feel like writing something kind and important today :) This article may seem cheesy, but please try to understand the point of this.

We always wonder "How to be happy?". What if the answer is right in front of our nose? To be happy you can start off with making others happy.

I used to think about only myself and my happiness. But then I realized, my happiness was worth nothing if the world around me was burning down. So I decided to make a difference. Kindness costs nothing, so I try to spread it everywhere, whenever I can.

It can be hard sometimes to be selfless, but if you truly want to be a better person, you must sacrifice your own ego and start doing something that really matters. We all feel good, when somebody compliments us or when we are accepted into a school, job etc, but think about the person who makes you smile with their compliment.

Kindness is rare in today's society. People think you can't survive with soft heart, but they are wrong. It takes bravery and strength to live in a world this cruel with a heart so soft.

assholes kind

Kindness IS free. Spread it everywhere. Become the best person you can be. Become happy.

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Update: Oh my lord! I never expected to get this many hearts! Big thanks to every single one of you! <3 This literally makes my day to see another person has hearted my article. Again: I am so thankful for all of you! xoxo