Two years ago I had a 'friend' that started believing that she was the best at everything she did. She had some problems of personal insecurity, and compensated them by despising and mocking girls around her.
I was one of those girls. At first she was my friend, but then, she started being envious of all my personal achievements, and saw that I was overcoming her in several ways, so she started to bully me for the only aspect in which I could not win... my body. She was always bullying me because I don't have big breasts, I am skinny, and I don't have a big butt like her. I was only 12 years old back then.

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When you are growing up, your mind is always open to outer opinions... Good and bad opinions, and having negative people around you can be very bad for your mental health. In those times, I actually believed her. I thought my body defined me, and I started having confidence issues.
In some point, social pressure was so bad that I started to have a really bad depression... My all-life best friends dumped me because a romantic relationship they were having, that girl was always insulting me because of my body, and actually put all my classmates against me... I never talked to anyone, even good persons that were nice and friendly to me. I didn't even had a friend to pass through all this. Even the principal of the school called my mom because she was really worried about me... but I didn't tell anyone about my problems.
When you are in a situation like that having someone to talk to really helps. In my case, I had to survive my day a day alone, and I don't want anyone to pass through their problems alone. If you are sad, you can always talk to me, even if i don't know you. ❤️

Anyway, with time, everything heals, and I started to accept my body as it is, and started to have real friends, and positive people around me. I never went to a psychologist... I only started to love myself as I am, and I started to be with persons that love me as I am. And now I really love me, every inch of me (mind, body, and soul).

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I have to thank a lot my ex boyfriend, who has been my best friend since 2007. He helped me understand that your body doesn't define you, and that my physical appearance was beautiful in it's own way. He helped me understand that I am worth it. In your life, you need people like that.

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People of all the world, you are in this planet, because of a reason. You are perfect in your own way, don't think of you as a mistake. If you don't like something of who you are today, you can always be better tomorrow. At the end, everything is going to be better, everything is going to be ok.

This is my first article. I'm sorry if I have some English mistakes, my first language is Spanish.

With love for this community, Aisha.