So it has been a month since I have been in Wales as an international university student. And it has been quite hard.

autumn, city, and cold image

The first day I was confused more than I have ever been in my life. I flew from Estonia to Amsterdam and had to transfer flight to get to Cardiff. Well, I had to wait for about 7 hours until my flight went from Amsterdam to Cardiff. And also while I was going from Estonia to Cardiff I had a bad cold so the flight hurt my ears pretty bad.
Finally, I got to Cardiff and I had arranged a free Taxi from the University to take me to the accommodation. Well, the Taxi driver was late so I slightly started to panic since I was the first time in the UK but he showed up in the end :)

amsterdam, beautiful, and schiphol airport image

The first few days were really boring since I had no cooking essentials and also there were no people in my house.
Soon came the international welcoming week where I made some friends and went to Ikea to buy some things for the dorm room. I had to buy some knives for cooking and imagine my surprise when the cashier told me to show my ID and told me that I can NOT buy knives since I am not 21. I was surprised to no end that they have set an age limit for buying knives. But the problem got solved when I found out that one of my friends was already 21 so she bought me my knives.

You have to be 21 to buy knives.
- Ikea

Later started people to move into my house but I had already made friends with the neighbouring house so at first, I wasn't familiar with anyone who lived in my house or in my flat. While most people from my house were having a party in my kitchen I went over to the neighbouring house to have fun. Well, I might have been a bit cheeky since I wasn't partying in my kitchen so I didn't have to clean it up an since I was in another house I didn't have to clean that up also. I think the image kind of describes British people.

tea, vodka, and houseparty image

Well after some time I started to be more at my own flat and school started with induction week and then started the term and I got soooo much new information and all since everything was in another language and I wasn't familiar with a lot of stuff I mostly stayed in to look over my school work and watch some movies :)

Image by Viktoria HS^_^

And since I have a boyfriend who stayed in Estonia and now we are in a long distance relationship then it has been hard to not being able to kiss him or even hug or hold his hand and I miss him sooo much and I can't wait to finally see him :)

now it has been a bit over a month since I arrived here and I have been making my room more homey by decorating it with some butterflies and school has been now easier and I have realised that I have to stay awake in lectures since I have accidentally fallen asleep now for 4 times and that's not good. Also i found out that my flat mates can be quite okay.

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But it is now only the first month of 3 years so I have time to understand everything.