Hi everyone, I'm tania, it's a pleasure.
Welcome to this blog, enjoy and if you like, click the heart button.

I want to start by saying that I always write a blog about fashion, travel, movies, essential things for the trip, routines, series, of course there is no shortage and more, you will discover next to me.

some things about me
1. I love music
Soon I will give you my playlist, patience.
2. I love watching series on netflix and cable.
so it is, the series you like too, my dear.

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3. I see videos on everything related to diy and about fashion, eyebrow routine, my morning routine
I know, it's also of your interest, I promise to talk about this, you realize what we have and common.

They are some things about me, more are missing, but little by little we will know each other.

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I hope you liked it, I'm sure you'll think about what time your first article will be, I'm preparing it for you to like it, you know with images a good text, to make it to your liking. are pending, we read soon.
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