hello People :)

Well, I literally don't know what to say here. As you notice this is my very first article... so just let me introduce myself quickly.

I am a girl who just loves reading. Year I could probably live in a library and would never be bored. The thing I love about reading so much is that you can travel round the world and never leave your room. Everything is possible on the paper and I just enjoy diving into another world where is magic, fantasy and of course cool characters xD

Well... maybe I am kind of a dreamer. I want to travel to many places and just see the world with a great book in my backpack. And for those of you who are wondering... I write my own stories too. My main inspiration are basically books and music (I love music, I could listen to my playlist all day long). Maybe I'm even gonna post one short story here :)

So... thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to my next article :)