Hello hearters!
I want to say that this is my first articles so I promise you that the next will be better every time.
In this article I'll tell you my personal opinion, I really belive that the happy person are more beautiful!
Even more if they are happy in the morning that is always the most difficult part of the day.

Do what you love! Now it's autumn here and I just love this season!

Every single thing can change your day so start with something that you like at the 100%!

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For exemple, every morning I'm used to breakfast with hot red fruits tea, legs crossed on the chair in kitchen and total silence (even because I'm the only one that wake up so early in the morning) than with lot of calm I wash my face, my teeth, I dress up and I just put on some make up.
when I'm out from my home, my boyfriend is there waiting for me, then we go at a bar and we meet some friends, we talk and we walk at school (yeah, that place that is not so orrible just like I was thinking 2 years ago).

Your way to take the things can change everything, if you wake up lazy because you don't want that the day have to began, well, it's already started and it has started really bad because you think it, so found something that can make you start the day with a smile on your face.

Even only dress up with your favourite cloths can be a right thing if it make you happy. You can listen to good music to help your mind work, or do a little walk even just for going at the bus stop it's always better than stay half asleep in the car.
A good habits in the morning is to not eat to much, I know, the breakfast is the most important meal in the morning but don't exagerate because then your stomac will be like a brick and it will be very difficult to digest everything and to keep your mind on what you are doing while you eyes will try to close!!

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After all of this I can say thankyou for reading this and bye until the next article!

Kiss from Leon <3