Dear Depression,

The one way I think to describe you is that one acquaintance that just helped themselves into your life without my consent, and every time I try to get rid of you, you always find a way to comeback into my life.

But I will say I don't hate you at all, because you have definitely been an experience for me. At first when I was 14 years old I didn't acknowledge you and I never did until you punched me in the face when I finished high school and realised I had nothing behind me, no good grades, no university degree just utter emptiness.

Everyone has different ways to describe you, to some you're a monster to others you're an enemy. Which is entirely true, but because you and I have been attached for so long I've learnt to live with you. I've learnt to accept I'm a disappointment to myself, stress eating became my best frenemy, I've lost confidence and most of all you've made me lonely.

I know this might sound like a "Please pity me" kind of letter, but it's not at all. I'm writing this letter because I want you to know that those 4 things I've listed that you made me come to accept is going to change. I'm 21 and going onto 22 years old soon and I'm not going to be living by your rules anymore and I don't want anyone to be living by your rules.

I am going to make do with what I have and walk forward and do what I want to do. It might be difficult in the beginning to separate you from me, but I'm willing to go through that painful process. I am going to feel beautiful again and I am going to feel confident again.


Present me xxx

(I want everyone to know you are not alone. You are beautiful, handsome, confident and strong. We are not weak because acknowledging Depression and putting up with it says a lot about someone. We force ourselves everyday to wake up and put a smile on our face to show the world we're happy, but in reality we're not.
To some it's easy to talk about, but to others it isn't and I'm the latter. I only recently came to accept it and now I can slowly talk about it. The reason I am talking about it now is because I want people to be aware that we are human beings, we feels things too.)