first of all: i do not hate school because i'm a freaking teenager and all teenagers do hate school. i hate school, because... are forced to speak in class. even when you suffer from mental illnesses like social anxiety. these kids get situationally uncomfortable only for a fucking grade.
...even if i feel horrible, i just can't skip school because i would miss things and get even more stressed. have to choose between your mental health and your grades. so many kids get depressed but hey, grades are more important, aren't they?
...when you ask a question because you didn't get something, teachers make you feel like you're a fucking failure treating you like an idiot.'re automatically labeled as "dumd" when you get a bad grade. is not okay that kids are so stressed about school that they break down and cry
...when you just can't even manage small tasks because you're so stressed and overwhelmed, adults are like "those kids are so lazy".

i'm sure so many people can relate to this, so don't you dare to tell me there's nothing wrong with the school system.
btw i'm so sorry if i made any grammatical mistakes, i'm from germany and i'm still learning the language