These are just my thoughts. I suffer from this situation and I just wanted to say it to someone who might want to hear about it.

Parents are supposed to love you anyway. Whatever you do or say shouldn't be an obstacle for their love. Right?

Well the past months or years (I've lost track of time), I've been having a lot of personal problems. So just because we still live under the same roof, I had to talk to them about it.

What is happening though after all of that is HUGE fights. They believe that I am incapable of doing anything. They say that I have problems, and I can't keep any friend, or any person in my life for a long time, because of my character.

Sometimes, they imply that I am stupid and useless.

quotes, people, and expect image

What I keep telling to myself is that these are just words, and put earphones in my ears with full volume on, so that the words don't repeat themselves in my head. Words never hurt anyone right?


After that I always end up crying. These words get imprinted inside my brain, and I even start to believe them. I start thinking that I should turn myself upside down.

But it is a very hard process, and I've done it one more time. I can't do it again...

If you've reached reading up to that point, thank you very much!