Ughhhh why do I have to be a pumpkin lover. Pumpkin spice coffee, pies, pop tarts, cake, cheesecake, ice cream.......all of it! Now I'm not a baker by no means in fact I suck at it. Martha Stewart would have a coronary episode if she tasted things ive attempted to bake. But it's a new day, a new dawn, a new try. I made my very first pie with my own recipe and of course it was PUMPKIN!!!! It was ahhhhmazing. Now even tho I aced this little terror of a cult favorite, I couldn't help but think it needed to be bigger, grander, a shut yo mouth Ms.Stewart kind of pie. Soooo, next time I shall do just that. I shall post the recipe after i tackle the larger pie. In the meantime please feel free to drool over this little miracle pie. P.s. It's gluten and dairy free.