Hi you that is reading this article.
This is my first article here. After a year of break from weheartit, I thought this is the best way to be back. So many things changed in here and I kinda feel like an old lady ( no offence).
I thought what to write about and I saw so many pics of autumn, so I decided to talk about autumn.

autumn, fall, and coffee image

I love this season because it's my birthday. So selfish. I know! Being a person that likes to think I mean overthink this is the best season to do what I am good at. The rain, the leaves falling from the trees, the cozy clothes that we wear and many other things makes me love autumn.

autumn, fall, and sweater image

In the other hand it symbolizes the end of something beautiful like summer. I choose these pics to discribe what I am trying to say.

autumn, fall, and book image

Hope you enjoyed this article.