I've spent the last 15 minutes sitting here, staring at ''How to write articles'' and asking myself ''seriously though, how do I write it?''. I always wanted to do something like this but I never had the courage. I just saw thousands of articles about bucket lists, morning routines, movie ideas etc. and I was kind of inspired but it took to long to find my balls and publish it.

One of my goals is to write articles, to amuse and inspire people and yet I can never find enough strenght to do it, and ignore all the tiny voices telling me I'm unimportant, dull and not needed.

And this weekend I'll be able to tell my psychologist I've succeeded.

But not to waste your time entirely (if there's anyone reading this), I do have a book to recommend.

Carmela Ciuraru: Nom de plume - A (Secret) History of Pseudonyms

For those who love literature.
For those who are curious.
For those who love a pretty book cover.
For all who are inspired by strong women.
And for those who struggle with depression/anxiety and think they cannot achieve anything.

Image by Silvia G. Castro