Hey lovely people of we heart it (Yes, even you that you dont believe you are lovely.) Here is a list of goals I set for myself, for happier future and dreams coming true 🌙. I hope it will inspire you to set some goals for yourself also.

thalia bree, red, and flowers image selena gomez, selena, and smile image
smile brightly and be confident ( dont let anyone bring you down)
Image by Judiith animals, dog, and german shepherd image
have a pet (animals are great companions)
time, clock, and photography image drawing, time, and tattoo image
forget about "next time" ( control time and do not let it keep you waiting)
adventure, nature, and travel image couple, love, and hands image
be with loved one 💓
bedroom, room, and home image flowers, city, and house image
live in a friendly neighborhood (make your dream home come true)
autumn, fall, and book image travel and map image
go on adventure (every year!)
tattoo and wolf image tattoo and wolf image
get a wolf tattoo ( the one with the moon 😍)
desk, room, and organization image book, glasses, and writing image
be organized and make time for education (learning is lifetime expirience)
dance, SYTYCD, and taylor image food, pink, and fruit image
keep yourself healthy (dance, run, hike- whatever lifts your spirit up)

Thank you for reading this article! Hope you found it inspiring... and as always, happy hearting 😊