How do you keep from getting your hopes up when you meet someone new?

I meet someone new, I like them, I begin to daydream about what could happen, and then I end up on here, completely devistated that I got my hopes up and it didn't work out. I think getting your hopes up about someone is a sign of desperation. When I'm calm and busy, I'm less likely to overthink things, and more likely to stay level-headed.

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I don’t like when guys are trying to keep me in the dark...

Don’t flirt with me, just so you can feel better about yourself.
Don’t ask me to hang out with you if you’re going to end up cancelling our plans.
Don’t compliment me if you’re using the same lines on dozens of other girls.
Don’t text me for three hours straight tonight if you’re going to completely ignore my texts tomorrow.
Don’t ask me on a date if you “aren’t interested in a relationship right now.”
Don’t make promises to me that you’re never going to follow through on.
Don’t let me spill all of my secrets to you if you’re going to laugh about them behind my back.
Don’t introduce me to your friends and to your parents if you’re planning on cutting me out of your life before I get to see them again.
Don’t lead me on and then let me know that you’re already in a relationship with someone else.
Don’t tell me that I mean something to you when I’m clearly not one of your priorities.
Don’t tell me that you love me if you don’t understand what the word actually means.

The approach we have to take now is to limit the contact we have with the person and keep pursuing our own hobbies and activities, so as to keep our mind off them.
The trick is to keep a realistic view of what's happening.

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