Hello Hearters! I'm kinda new to this (I mean writing articles) but I had a lot of ideas and I wanted to share them with you guys ^^ (btw sorry for my english, i'm french)
So, maybe like a lot of us, I try to loose some weight to become more comfortable with myself and after a million and a half exercices and tips for weight loss, I find THE coolest and easier solution of all : jump rope!

fitness image

That's a good cardio exercise which works the WHOLE body but also it can totally replace the footing because it's more intense and, let's be honest, you look better when you jumping than when you're running, you don't look like a dog which has just jumped into a puddle trying to escape from something invisible (or is it just me lmao?).
Therefore, for some motivation, i've searched some before/after pictures (don't lie we all do that) and i didn't find that much of motivation ; the pictures was only men becoming MASSIVE ( honestly, i just want to loose weight, not look like a bear u.U) just because it's more like a boxing exercise and i guess guys are more into this.

So i was a bit disappointed, but then i had this idea : maybe many other girls would like to have some before/after jump rope transformations, then why shouldn't I do it myself? Sooooo here we are! i've already started about 3 days ago and I plan to do around 10 min of jump rope 4 times a week and share the results with you guys ! I'm actually 173cm tall and weigh 69kg (sorry, metric system ^^) I do dance on Mondays and I love eating. So now begin my jump rope journey, also I gonna be more careful on what I eat (I don't eat that much of junk food or anything but i'm such a sugar lover T.T). That's it guys ! Hope it'll give you some motivation and sorry again for my english mistakes. I'm gonna update as soon as I notice a change in may body ;) (with pictures of course hihi)
P.S : I would like to write more articles and share a lot of things with you guys, so I share my three music of the moment :
- Silver Ocean - Vaiteani (so peaceful)
- Chateau - Angus and Julia Stone
- If i'm Lucky - Jason Derulo