We change, we meet new people, we grow.
I get all of that. What I don't get is why we act like the old us never existed.
I mean yes, I know people who embrace their mistakes but I know more people who act like they've been perfect and flawless their whole life.

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Like people wake up! Life is not supposed to be perfect, we are mankind we do mistakes. And literally we made this world like this by doing mistakes, in science,math,art...Mistakes are what makes us who we are.

Of course we have past we're ashamed of, I have done terrible things and I'm ashamed of them and I'd love if none of it happend. But it did and I can't change it.
We remember past so we can learn from it, we can't just act it never happend. It's stupid.

So my lovlies all around the world. Just remember, we all have our darkes shades and we wish they never existed. We all have things we're ashamed of. But honey, they happend and you can't erase it from your life. Just accept your past, forgive yourself, forgive others and grow. Grow and learn from your mistakes because that's the only way for you to shine.

I love you, and you love yourself and your family&friends loves you. Never forget about that. Just let go off everything that holds you back.

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