if you know me, what you guys don't, you know i'm a big shoe lover. i could fill a walk-in closet with shoes. i'm not kidding. so here's a list with some shoes that i'd die for.

1. Fenty x Puma by Rihanna
i already got the creepers, but you know. i'd like the others as well. i just think they give that extra touch to your outfit. i really really love them.

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2. Gucci sneakers
oml i live for these. but they are pricey af!!! i'm saving money for them right now. they are really simple but so beautiful wow.

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3. Vans 'n Roses Old School
these are soooo cute. i really like them. they're expensive for vans, but still. i like them.

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these are my favorites hope you guys love it!