If you have been in a long distance relationship or are currently in one, then you probably noticed a few things surrounding you. Its like you weren't focus on other subject because their are your number priority. Now, there out of reach and you have more things to notice. These are the things I have noticed.

1. You notice every couple around you.
You see every couple around you, and you can't help but think wishing that was you and your significant other. Then you remind yourself how painful it is that you won't be able to hold them.

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You start to remember all the good/ laughable/romantic things you guys did. You go through every picture you guys took. Then remember the events of that time and it takes a good minute to know every detail on what happen. You cherish those memories because they give us hope that we will get through this long distance.

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3.Love is Stonger
If you are in a distance relationship remember at least they are safe and they are still in your life. Some people have to wait a long time to see them. I'm sorry if your one of them. But know at one point you will see them again, it doesn't matter through a screen or actual face-to-face. You will see them, I promise you that. Even if you have to count the days or years. At times it helps.

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These are the few things I have notice. I'm just grateful my significant other is still in my life. Distance doesn't matter, our love does.
Keep up my loves.