Hello guys! I just wanted to share this article with you. My boyfriend wrote this "best essay ever" in college. Maybe it will inspire you and maybe it will make you rethink some things.. I hope you enjoy!

Happiness is a huge part of life! Being happy should be an individual's top priority. Not only should it be their priority to see that they are happy but also to see that others are happy. If you have an encounter with someone who seems depressed lend a hand! Happiness is contagious! Many people become unhappy due to the judgment of others. There are many issues with judging others and/or accepting others false opinions about yourself.

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Let's discuss why judging others is unacceptable. The individual that is being judgmental is not perfect, in fact no one is perfect. Everyone has some sort of flaw. The flaw may not be noticeable in the mirror when you choose to obsess over your beauty, everyone does this by the way so don't lie, the flaw may be within the individuals personality. Have you ever waited until the last minute to write a paper? Whoops, that is a flaw, it is called procrastination. Have you ever messed up on anything? Yes? If so then you are not perfect. If you are unable to perform perfect tasks then how can you deem yourself to be perfect? You cannot truly deem yourself to be perfect so you shouldn't expect others to be perfect.

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Does being judged make you feel good? Of course being judged does not make you feel good. Being judged brings everyone down. In fact it may even cause some individuals to take their own lives. Judging people is not cute! It is not attractive in any way! If someone that you are around feels as if judging is necessary for their own pleasure, maybe you should reconsider the individuals that you spend time with. Not only does the person that is being judged feel depressed, but typically eventually the one judging realizes his or her mistakes and also becomes depressed. Judgment takes place most often in an argument that is uncontrollable, why use judgment to win an argument? The moment that you begin to judge someone you automatically lose the argument because you are proven to be a coward.

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Let's begin to ponder upon the thought of accepting someone's harsh words. It's easy, DONT. You are just as good as they are and they are just as human as you are. We are the humans, mighty mighty humans :)
...and we mess up, the end. That is all there is to it. Once you begin to find the harsh words to be true, you are also becoming just as cowardly as the fool that is throwing these words at you as if they were stoning you for some indecent crime.

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Be the person that you want to be.. Not the person that others want you to be. Being judged is just an obstacle in life that everyone encounters and you have to overcome.

"Do not let the obstacles that you encounter in life define who you are as a person, but instead allow your ability to overcome the obstacles showcase the quality of strength you obtain." - j.b.

thanks for reading people! Remember, a little more kindness goes a long way<3