I’m nineteen years old and I never had a boyfriend. It’s not strange as you might imagine: actually, you can’t miss what you never had. But, to be honest, I miss a few things. I see others living romances and sweet moments and I kind feel jealous. It’s a strange feeling, but I feel like I can’t help it. However, I still feel hope. One day, it’s going to be me. And I hope I have all of these 5 things:

couple, love, and kiss image

This gesture of kissing my hand it’s so heartwarming, just like kiss on the front. To me, it shows that the person cares to you. I really want my future husband to do this to me.

couple, love, and popcorn image

I’m not the kind of girl who likes to go to concerts or clubs. On my weekends, I always stay at home, seeing my dramas or reading books. However, I love movies. Go to the cinema is one of my favorite program, probably because I love movies. So, it can be at home, or at cinema: I wish my future lover like this kind of entertainment.

couple, love, and dance image

Dancing is another passion of mine. I really love choreographies, so if I’m in a party, it’s probably because I hope I’ll dance until the sunrise. Find someone to dance that slowly dances with me it’s like a dream.

car, hug, and comfortable image

I always imagine myself in a car, driving to my grandparents’ house, with my husband sleeping next to me and our baby on the back sit. The scene of us traveling together, as a family, makes me really exciting to this future that hasn’t happened yet.

love, couple, and hug image

Finally, hugs tight. When I’m watching a Kdrama, or reading a book, the real heartwarming parts to me is when the characters hug each other. I know that, to the rest of the word, hugs can looks like child thing. But to Brazilians, and especially for me, it’s an important gesture, more than kiss, I dare to say. I know kisses are important, I don’t deny I do enjoy them. But, when someone hugs you really tight, I feel like they’re saying: I love you and I need you. I can’t wait until someone really needs me.

That’s it, guys. Thanks for reading my article. If you see any mistake, please let me know. That’s the first article I write and, to be honest, it’s been really challenging. But, I hope you have enjoyed it. See you!!