Activites to do in spring!

"Bloom where you are planted."

October 11, 2017

It's currently spring in Australia and even though there's a lot of pollen that doesn't stop you from doing fun activities!

Go to a park

Go to the park and enjoy all the little animals and new growth! Take photos whilst your there and embrace your surrounding.

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Go clothes shopping

As it's spring new clothing would have made there way into stores. These include crop tops, playsuits/rompers, shorts and boho clothing!

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Hang out with friends

What's better then hanging out with friends? Don't say food please... you said it didn't you? Well whilst your hang out with friend go for a photo shoot for social media or just for fun!

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Bikini shopping

Bikinis come out on sale during spring for a reasonable price. I find that they are cheaper then what they are in summer!

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Read a book!

You will always have free time. Why not read a book? Not only do you get taken to a different world you're also gaining knowledge whilst you're at it!

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