The only thing that I wanted was you, to talk to you. Now I'm just thinking about you and things that would never happen. As I said how u go months without talking to me and how I would wait for you to I realize I sound pathetic. I came out of my comfort zone and texted you first and I know you saw it because you commented "happy birthday " under my picture. Although I really wanted was for you to say that is saddens me that you didn't text me. I need to let you go and go one with my life, I'm always telling people to get their life together when I really need to be getting mine together.
But I still want you so I know that I probably never will. That's why I feel my emptiness with fake relationships that don't give me anything I want. All of the comments that fill my head with laughter drown out the sadness I feel for a moment; until I'm left sitting quietly thinking about you. When my facial expression changes to a pouty face and I begin to feel tears forming I think about you. Because there's something twisted about the way you make me feel, a mix of happiness that makes me sad.