1. Melting Skull Makeup
Okay now this look was really popular last year and probably will be for years to come. It is super easy and affordable. There are many tutorials on youtube for this look.

Halloween, makeup, and skull image Halloween, makeup, and make up image

2. Scary or Cute Deer
Now this look can be created in two different ways. You could do a gory look like the picture on the left or you can do a cute deer type of look like the one on the right. Either way this is an easy look whichever way you choose to create it.

makeup, Halloween, and girl image Halloween and makeup image

3. Glam Clown
We all know that the new movie it came out this year so many people ALL over the world wide web have been recreating this clown look. So if you wanna be super trendy this halloween then this is probs the look for you.

boys, cool, and costume image Halloween, makeup, and clown image

4. Neon Skeleton
Now this look is just a little more intricate and complicated. This makeup look recently started trending this year and well...lets just say it takes a REALLY steady hand.

Halloween, makeup, and beauty image makeup, Halloween, and stars image

5. Pop Art/Comic Book
I personally think that this look is superrr cool. I mean it makes you look like your straight out of a comic book, Lets be honest. Who wouldn't want to be a superhero.

makeup, Halloween, and wonder woman image Halloween and makeup image

Okay guys well i guess this wraps up this article. I really can't believe that its almost Halloween. I hope i helped you guys get some ideas for your costume.Until next tme...-Jaz