Spring is far away, but these are just some items that you should prepare on getting. These are simple, and timeless, so they'll never go out of style. Prepare for the flowers!

Spring Dress

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Spring dresses mean a lot of things. These are slip dresses, bohemian dresses, tee shirt dress, and off-shoulder dresses.

Simple Gold Jewelry

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Thin chain necklaces and dainty charms are perfect for spring. Nature patterns and beads are great too!

Pastel Skirts

aesthetic aesthetic blue dress
Skirts are perfect for spring. They're light and fun, just like the whole spring atmosphere. Get a cute flowery pattern for an extra personal touch.


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Rompers are so practical, and look great on anyone. Ones with cutouts, like the top left are my favorites. Get a cute pastel or a white one to really fit in!

Flowery Blouse

blouse fashion style beautiful
Flowers go great with spring, obviously. Blouses are flowy and bouncy and so pretty, so why not merge the two together? Pair with a solid color cardigan or pleated skirt for a cute spring look.

Hope you like this article, I had so much fun making it. My next one should be summer fashion. See you there <3!