first of all, thank you all for the reaction "late night thoughts" had i really wasn't expecting any hearts but i feel honored and i feel blessed. thank you really all so much. i will start writing articles more often since everyone likes them so much. again, thank you for the support and i hope my next articles help you all so much.

i wanted to talk about this topic for soooooo long, and i think is a topic worth to be talk about.
i'm a mexican girl, i exactly live in mexico city since the day my parents planned on having me, i've been living 15 years in this world, and i have learned a lot of things though all this years.
since i'm still young, i have many insecurities, like my body and my mind, since i was a baby i was a really chubby girl, i never was a really thin girl, with perfect body and perfect legs or anything, but i also wasn't that fat.
when my puberty started (that wasn't that long lmao) i started discovering my body, and the way i used to dressed and i just didn't felt okay or right with it. i felt terrible, disgusting, ashamed about myself. i can tell you that i'm still insecure about my body, i don't really like it. if you see my youtube browsing is mainly about "how to loose weight fast" "how to stop overeating" "how to have a perfect healthy life" the only think about is "don't eat too much" and if i do i feel terrible about myself, i feel disgusting.
that's how i feel mainly about my body, i don't love myself enough to accept my body and my complex. is hard, really really hard, because you can't stop comparing yourself with other young girls, or even my friends who are just dumb skinny bitches, of how i see all boys wanting the skinny girls and not me with my wide hips, my long fat legs, my big boobs, my belly fat, not liking my 1.66 meters long (5'4) etcetera. Honestly there is so much stuff i can talk about my body i don't like but i'll take ages to write it and you probably get bored.

You know? Even though i don't like my body, even though i work out every single day and feel bad about myself every time i eat something i shouldn't eat, buy you know i am learning to love myself, i am learning how to respect my body, my complexion, to love my thoughts, my thighs, my hands, my eyes etcetera, i am learning how not to care about what people think about me, i am learning how to love me first and then love someone else.
I wanted to write this because there are so many girls in this world who feel insecure and i just want to tell them: i've been there and you are not alone, you're perfect just the way you are, the way you act and the way your body is, your complexion, everything about you is perfect and you do not need other people to tell you that, you just need to believe it yourself. Is hard, yeah, i'm still learning how to do it, but if i can do it, anyone can do it. Believe in yourself and love yourself the way you want someone to love you.