There he was again
I couldn't hold my breath
All the memories rushed back to my head

His sad eyes staring at my empty soul
I couldn't move
Why would he come back the same way he left?

Back to fall of 2015, he didn't say a word
He grabbed his things and go
When I came back I realized what I had lost

Alone and broken in a million pieces I felt
Tears flood my eyes
And all left was his smell

I remember those long nights
We would laugh till the morning light
And how he would hold me tight

Here we are again,
face to face and he says
"I have always thought about you,
You are the girl I loved and the one I still love.
After all these years I have found myself,
Always knew I would miss you like hell,
But deep down in my heart all I ever felt was fear,
Because I left the only girl of my dreams."

- Alison G.