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There are many many many people who's minds, the minute they hear 'mental health', go straight to depression. Yes, depression is a massive part of mental health but it is not the only disorder you can have.

I think a lot of people abuse the terms associated with mental health in their everyday life. And maybe even worse, people think that when people who these terms, they mean it as if it's nothing serious.

I wish more people would realise and pay attention when someone tries to tell them about their mental health. If someone wants you to listen to them about how their feelings, you should listen.

Please remember that you're beautiful and strong and you should be so proud of yourself. Take each day at a time, even if it's in baby steps.

Messages are always open, I'm maybe not the best at advice but I'll do my damn hardest & I'm a good listener & friend.

Celebrate you. You're mind. Your body. You. 💫