the way i feel
he left with no reason. he left with no last words, he left with no explenation. one day he was just gone.

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he was my best friend, my go to, the only one i really wanted. the only true happiness i have ever felt was with him
we had the perfect life

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the things he said, the promises he made.
“we were inevitable, we were bound to happen.”
“you are the only thing i need in my life.”
“you're the best thing that has happen to me”

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we loved like the world would have ended
neither of us wanted to admit it we were in love

he made it seems as if i was his only. But little did i know he was calling some one else his baby girl.

now all that left in me is emptiness.

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i wake up to live the same day everyday, doing the same things without him.

i live my life in bitterness,and fill my heart with emptiness.

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i feel dead inside with no purpose to live

no feelings no emotions, thats the way i live now

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waiting for the day my life goes back to a happy thing i enjoyed