It's currently raining where I live. Some times I can find something to do, but other times I'm just in a cocoon on my bed. So here are a few things to help keep you occupied.

online shopping

coffee, candle, and notebook image
girl, coffee, and cozy image

while you're at it, make your Christmas list lol

watch youtube videos

forts, youtube, and deangelis image

Here are a few suggestions: Maybaby, Dolan Twins, Alisha Marie, Rclbeauty101, and Ladylike/Boldly.

build a blanket fort

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

cute, comfy, and very tumblr pleasing when done

take a nap

no picture even needed.
(i also couldn't find one lol)

xoxo, maya