He had the beauty of anyone. Heart carved in stone and crystal. Demolished by its own surroundings, a puzzle to arm.

The cold heart told him. He spoke with such cruelty and reflection that he seemed a wise man.

She was defeated by her own kindness and dependence on the people she loved.

The cold heart sang and danced in the darkness of his mind and in the brilliance of it. What was his true self and why did he pretend to be the other? No one knew.

Oh beautiful princess of ice! What is all this disaster? Your mind won again, sorry for that kind heart.

Wise words said your grandmother: do not win the one who does not risk, but this beautiful princess was afraid to find such a risk. And so ended a beautiful cold heart, drowned in what you did not do and what you did not say.

Overwhelming thoughts and deafening sounds came from his mind. Such voices shouted omens, such voices called for help.

Dear lady of the heart, you are no longer smiling. You do not dance anymore. You do not sing anymore. You do not talk anymore. You won this battle, you beat the voices, you beat your mind but you paid a price for it. It's nice to see you sleeping and more if it's forever ...