Hey guys!! So, I'm that girl who gets so involved with my shows. I loveee watching good shows. I always recommend my friends to watch shows, I don't only watch new shows but I also watch old shows! I decided I would do a article for you guys. I promise I wont spoil anything for you guys, I hate when people do that to me so I wont do it to you.

Gossip Girl

blake lively blair Superthumb blair waldorf

Gossip Girl is sooo good. When this show was first recommended to me I was a little stand offish, but as soon as I started watching it I couldn't stop watching it. All about the Upper East side rich kids, it's follows two young girls and their friends. Serena Van der Woodsen & Blair Waldorf two best friends, but everyone knows Serena and loves her. Blair is the well together girl who has already mapped her life out. Guysssssss, I'm telling you this shows drama is great and the stories are awesome. Girls you're going to loveee Nate & Chuck & some of the other guys. The eye candy in this show is great! I highly recommend.

One Tree Hill

Superthumb Superthumb one tree hill chad michael murray

LOVE this show. One Tree Hill is freakin awesome. Two brothers, different mothers, dad only claims one. This show?? drama is great, storyline is AWESOME. You guys must watch! Trust me. For those who like shows with a lot of seasons, this show has plenty of seasons. You guys will get emotionally attached to these characters. Just sayin, I did!


90210 Superthumb Superthumb 90210

What can I say about 90210? Great show hands down. Storyline is great, characters are awesome. Drama is awesomeeee. Must watch seriously I think I've rewatched it 100 times. Trust me guys.


friends chandler chandler 90s

Friends is the besssst show ever, I can watch the seasons over and over again. Friends makes you want to have a group just like them. I literally love this show and I love watching it, its soo funny. A must watch show guys.

  • Okay guys, these are some old shows that you guys should watch, I can do some new shows in my other article, I'm going to be doing a part two later. I totally recommend all, most girls would love this. Hope you guys like it.