You might probably think, this title sounds so lame, but, girl it is not. I agree, it might sound cliché, but really, it. is. not.
I struggled with myself for a long time. Getting a good picture on social media was everything for me. Covering and hiding my pimples, absolutely no pictures with my glasses, or where my braces were shown.
But I changed. I discovered what I really wanted in life, and something that was definitely not wanted there were people who would judge me for how I looked. I did not wanted people in my life who would judge me for setting my goals, or for aiming for high grades.
It is very difficult, I can tell you. People do not like your picture when you really show yourself and you are not according to the standards of beauty that are maintained in this world.
I posted a picture on Instagram, no filter, with my braces shown and my pimples shown. Guess what.. I got literally 100 likes less than other, 'perfect' pictures. I hate how people think and I really want to change something, by writing this. I know this article will probably just reach a few people, but please, don't put yourself down and don't let other do that.

You'll see soon enough who are the real persons who support you. You do not need fake friends, who will leave you because you are being yourself. And what about aiming for high grades? What if you are called a geek or a nerd, as soon as you get an A for you test? Well? Does that differ anything for you? Do you recognise yourself in my story? I discovered that I could only trust two people. Two. That is ridiculous, isn't it?

You should be yourself, and set goals for yourself. And don't let anybody put you down for getting good grades, because maybe you will become their boss in ten years.

So once again, do not let social media influence you, try to put out all negativity in your life, because girl, you don't need that to slay.